Excavator Simulator Cabin (PC-200, PC-400, PC-1250 models)

Excavator simulator by Forward (cabin)
(PC 200, PC-400, PC-1250 models)

Forward, a leading manufacturer of driving simulators, simulators of special-purpose machine operation and training software is proud to offer Forward Simulator of Excavator PC‑200, PC-400 and PC-1250 (cab) (hereinafter the “Simulator”).

The Simulator is designed for training excavator operators as well as for helping drivers with various competence levels to master and improve their existing excavator operation skills.

Compared to a real machine, the Simulator offers the advantage of operator training in any weather and season, with zero fuel and lubrication consumption or equipment wear while staying in safe and comfortable classroom conditions.

PC200 (cabin) transprency

Article: TR0080